Thursday, April 21, 2005

Welcome to the NYT Crosswords Blog

Hello friends,

I spend an inordinate amount of time doing crossword puzzles. Not just any old crossword, but the most esteemed crosswords for the trivial cruciverbalist. My day begins with a cup of warm tea and an eager mechanical pencil all in the face of the latest NYT crossword puzzle. Unfortunately, I'm not a very good solver, and I can usually finish a Wednesday puzzle with a few empty squares. Completing a Thursday puzzle would be akin to winning a minor lottery. I don't even look at the Friday or Saturday crosswords out of sheer fear. And I can google my way out of a Sunday puzzle.

Often, I print out old puzzles from the archive and complete them instead of listening to my statistics professor in class. Unfortunately, few of my colleagues share the triumph and heartbreak associated with the NYT crosswords. I love puns and wordplay, and a clever crossword really blows my mind. That said, I want to share with everyone who cares about what I think of that day's NYT crossword puzzle, and well as record down witty clues and pretty themes. Also, I would like to record interesting words, or recurring clues that I should know by now.

Just to let you know how dorky I am: there's a picture frame on my work desk with my favorite puzzle ever. Ever. It's not because I was particularly good at it, but it was the first crossword puzzle to totally blow my mind away. It was Patrick Merrell's Oct 24, 2002. A friend and I solved it together. The theme was a secret message hidden in the crossword. And when we finally solved it, it was layers upon layers of revelation and epiphanies beyond anything I thought a crossword can do.

Hopefully, i can ultimately share the joys of solving crosswords with you. But not too much, because I don't want you to be better than I am at them.


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