Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Win, Lose, Draw!

Verna Suit gives me a Wednesday puzzle that I couldn't figure out. Even though I consider myself somewhat well versed in films and movie trivia, I'm not one to know about much older films. I can tell you more about Police Academy than Casablanca. Sigh. Anyways, today's theme surrounds a 1952 movie.

1952 Best Actor for 37, 38 Across - 'garycooper'
With 49 Across, theme song of 37, 38 Across - 'donotforsakemeohmydarlin'
37, 38 - Subject of this puzzle - 'highnoon'
Costar of 37,38 - 'gracekelly'

Anywas, there were also a lot of things to know:
Big name in siding - alcoa
River of Florence - Arno
1916 battle site - Somme
Lorre's Casablanca role - ugarte
Egyptian God of wisdom - Thoth
Elmo Zumwalt - American Naval Leader during Vietnam


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