Monday, June 13, 2005

Ceci n'est pas une ____

Eael Reed delivers a pitch perfect Monday crossword, with four clues that can be related with one word, and I didn't get it till I got it.

United Nations' goal - "worldpeace"
Bubbly drink mixer - "seltzerwater"
Musician's asset - "perfectpitch"
Something caught near the end of a race - "secondwind"
Word that can follow the end of the above -"pipe"

Today's Google adventure takes us to the streets and avenues of Atlantic City. There are 22 streets in the game of Monopoly (starting from Go):

Mediterranean Avenue
Baltic Avenue
Oriental Avenue
Vermont Avenue
Connecticut Avenue
St. Charles Place
States Avenue
Virginia Avenue
St. James Place
Tennessee Avenue
New York Avenue
Kentucky Avenue
Indiana Avenue
Illinois Avenue
Atlantic Avenue
Ventnor Avenue
Marvin Gardens
Pacific Avenue
North Carolina Avenue
Pennsylvania Avenue
Park Place

The original tokens are: a top hat, an iron, a Scottie dog, a battleship, a car, a wheelbarrow, a thimble, a cannon, a horse and rider, and an old boot.

A bit of trivia I found: Marvin Gardens has been mispelt since the first edition, after Marven Gardens.


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