Tuesday, May 10, 2005

4-way split

Today's crossword was fun and gives us four ways to split. Well done Nancy Solomon!

Split - getoutofdodge
Split - headforthehills
Split - hitthehighway
With 69 Across, Split - skip town

For the last clue, she even split a split - a meta-split.

The only one I wasn't familiar with was the first, and apparently, it alludes to Dodge City, Kansas. Anyways, a few new words to learn today, but let's start with the ones I know.
rivet, primo, et alii, and I can never spell myrrh

Firth - Scottish term for an arm of the sea, usually an estuary or strait
STP - gas additive

And for today's google adventure, let's look at the close knit family of Zeus!
Zeus - Supreme God of Greek mythology
Cronus and Rhea - Zeus's father and mother
Hades - Zeus' brother, god of the underworld
Poseidon - Zeus' Brother, god of the sea
Demeter - Zeus' Sister, goddess of fertility and agriculture
Hesita - Zeus' sister, goddess of the hearth
Metis, Themis and Mnemosyne - Zeus' first, second and third wife
Hera - Zeus' sister and final wife, goddess of marriage
Ares - Zeus' son (with Hera), god of war
Hebe - Zeus' daughter (with Hera), personification of youth
Athena - Zeus' offsrping (sprung from his head), goddess of wisdom, war and crafts
Plus he's had many affaris with gods and mortals, so those illigit kids number too many!


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