Thursday, April 28, 2005

Good Grief!

(As an update, recently, there is a surge of google searches for this particular puzzle. I am intrigued to as why the sudden interest, so if anyone can leave me a note as to why, it would be great! Highlight to reveal answers)

If I can just get the theme for a Thursday puzzle, it must be a good day. Today's puzzle, by Elizabeth Gorski, was a good and fun one. It has three themed entries as well as a 2 word title hidden in the puzzle. And I love this cute little theme, totally cool.

1962 Peace Nobelist - "Linus Pauling"
Actress in "Hercules and the Amazon Women" - "Lucy Lawless"
"Wall Street" actor - "Charlie Sheen"
Possible title for this puzzle - "Peanuts Gallery"

Cute clues:
Fifth wheels - spares
World Views? - atlases
Centipede's head? - softc

New to me:
Stalags - A German prisoner of war camp for officers and enlisted personnel.
Amernia's currency - dram ( = 100 luoma)
Sade (pronounced shar-day)- R&B, jazz artist, with Smooth Operator, Hang On To Your Love, The Sweetest Taboo, By Your Side and Love is King.
Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz (1648-1695) - Mexican Nun, poet, philosopher and feminist.
1977 Steeley Dan Album - Aja
Alnico - Magnet alloy of iron, cobalt, nickel, aluminum and copper.

On another puzzle last night (not the NYT) I came across a cute little clue:
What happens when the smog lifts? - ucla


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