Tuesday, April 26, 2005

It grows in Brooklyn

I must admit, I underestimated today's crossword puzzle. I'm staring at it right now, and I still have a bunch of blank squares that I cannot fill in. Still, I liked the main theme:
Two, to four - squareroot
Holiday dinner insert, perhaps - tableleaf
Troupe member's "closet" - wardrobetrunk
Medulla's place - brainstem
Where ATMs may be found - bankbranch

I liked this witty clue:
Changed locks? - dyed

Things I didn't know:
Perle Mesta - Washington hostess, inspired the Berlin musical, Call me Madam.
Eau de vie - literally "water of life", a white brandy.
"I let a song go out of my heart" - Ellington jazz standard
Daniel Oretga - Daniel Ortega Saaverda, Nicaragua's Sandanista president, '85-'90.


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