Wednesday, May 11, 2005


A bit of punny regional dialect today from Kumar Balani and Lou Sabin.

Georgian's question before a fight? - youmaconfunofme
Montanan's comeback? - yourearealbutte
New Yorker's dare? - okaytroytohitme
Alaskan's sorry cry? - juneauwhatyadid

I'm surprised they got one mild curse into this one, but none the less I'm impressed by this puzzle because it really was a lot of fun. Also, they worked in the home town of my ex-girlfriend. I also realized how poor my American geography is. There also were a lot of fun clues:
Places to find dates? - oases

Words I didn't know:
Parsec - 3.2616 light years, stands for "parallax of one arc second".
Cruet - small glass to hold a condiment, such as vinegar
Steffi Graf - Tennis pro of the 80' and 90's.
Alex Katz - Modern American Artist, leader of modern realism.

And for your information:
Major Cities of Yemen (by size) - Sana'a (capital), Aden, Taizz, Hudayah, Mukalla, Ibb and Dhamar

They had 'eddy' today with the clue of Countercurrent. I remember a really fiendish clue that described it as Current Event. Man, that was a tricky one.


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