Monday, July 18, 2005


What I found intriguing about Randy Sowell's puzzle, wasn't that the theme was complex, but rather how there were many intertwining other themes. Mini-themes if you will.

Main clues:
1976 Hoffman/ Olivier film - marathonman
Character who debuted in All Star Comics, December 1941 - wonderwoman
Title song os a 1966 hit movie - georgygirl
Brendan Behan book - borstalboy

Darn, as socks - sews
Darn, as socks - darns
WIth 62 across, first two names of Guy de Maupassant - Henri Rene
August 1 sign - Aries
April 1 sign - Leo
Dik Browne's "Hi and ___"
Dik Browne's "___ the Horrible"

Randy had a couple comic book references, and mainly movies and music stuff, so this makes for a pretty breezy yet fun crossword.


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