Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Tuesday's puzzle from Jay Leatherman, as I was doing it, reminded me of the days of crosswording before I started doing puzzles. I think this is his second puzzle (his first being a friday) and while it has contemporary theme entries, there are some totally crosswordese words in it. Here are some pretty out there entries I'm surprised at:

Asian goat - TAHR
Persian governers - SATRAPS
Rhone Tributary - ISERE
Lecherous sort - ROUE
Nucleic acid sugar - RIBOSE

And the theme entries are pretty good though (QUITDAYDREAMING, DONTBESONAIVE, GETREAL, ENOUGHALREADY, COMEDOWNTOEARTH). Which makes me so surprised the two mix kinds of crossword puzzles mix at all.


Blogger Orange said...

Good point on the crosswordese, Curtis. Not sure what Will was thinking!

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3:11 PM  
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