Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Is he talking about me?

"Among the links to "Blogs" there is at least one where no posting has appeared since March 2006.

I would suggest that bloggers to whom Kevin has extended the courtesy of a link should ask him to remove it if they have not been posting for, say, one month.

In any case, the inactive blog is on a crossword that is likely to be of little interest to the regular visitors to Cruciverb."

If anything, I think there is archeological value to blogs. In the distant future, blogs would be the record of note to how life was at the turn of the millennium. Anyone who wanted to know what life was like then (now), need only search through blogs by keywords. Niche areas, like crossword puzzles, emo music, basket weaving, minor political races, they can all be researched in these archival oral records. To say that these historical accounts are of "little interest" to people, is a myopic insult, not only to me, but also researchers in the 22nd through 25th century.


Blogger No Hassle Loans said...

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Blogger The Old Man said...

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Blogger The Old Man said...

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Blogger The Old Man said...

I find it funny that the last post on this blog was about inactive blogs and it was posted on November 15th, 2006 - and today it's June 6th, 2007, almost seven months later.
Then again I've been accused of having a strange sense of humor.
(Yes, I edited my orignial response. Twice. Dang it, I'm flipping around worse than a politician on election eve!)

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Blogger Matt said...

Hi Curtis. I'd like to get in contact with you about a puzzle i'm busily trying to get off the ground. Could you get hold of me via my blog - Many thanks, Matt (and sorry for having to go through your comments to get in contact).

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